Aliens are real??

July 21, 1969.

Apollo 11 Moon landing, 1969, artwork - Stock Image - C015/4023 - Science  Photo Library
Apollo 11 Moon Landing, 1969.

Dude the 60s are radical right now. You know how our president, John F Kennedy has been trying to put humans on the moon since ’61? Well it happened. Im sure everyone has heard but if not, here’s the story from last night.

As Im sure you’re aware, us Americans have been racing with the gross Soviet Union in what we are calling the Space Race. The USSR thinks they are all that in space technology but clearly that is not the case anymore.

JFK even tweeted this confirmation back in 1962. Look how far we have come.

Clearly the journey into space has been a ticking time bomb for the US and USSR. First the Soviets launch Sputnik 1, an earth orbiting satellite on October 4 1957. Then comes Sputnik 2, this time carrying a dog… Then the US follows with Explorer 1 in 1958 and we even discovered the Van Allen radiation belt which posed a bit of a threat to sending humans into space.

Fast forward to October 1958 when we created NASA. Thank god for NASA. The US and USSR continued to race into space, whether sending more dogs into the big bubble, apes, and even with humans orbiting the moon. Yet, no one had touched the moon before.

Remember that snapchat screenshot between that Soviet test pilot Vladamir Komarov and his buddy? Lets just take a look back to see how wrong the USSR was back in 1966…

Smell definite cap…

UNTIL last night, July 20, 1969 with Apollo 11! On the 16th, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins launched at Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, in Merritt Island, Florida. 

July 16, 1969 via Neil’s Instagram.

4 days later, Neil Armstrong described for us the first steps onto the moon.

Neil even uploaded this to his Snap story last night. Crazy self timer.

When Neil Armstrong said “This shit crazy,” he was not lying. He even uttered a cool little line on TV last night, Im sure will go down in history: “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Pretty deep.

As Im sure many of you are wondering, what did they see on the moon? Aliens? Pothole? Diamonds?

Buzz tweeted this last night. Me too Buzz, I hate tiny holes.

Seems like the three musketeers last night were too busy comprehending that they had just landed on the MOON, to take in much else. No diamonds. RIP. Aliens? Maybe they erased Buzz, Neil, and Michael’s memory…

Here’s what the USSR had to say…

They’re just jealous.

As you can see, the United States has prevailed per usual. Special thanks to NASA for being an absolute G . JFK too. We have a great president, great technology, and most importantly, a great country.



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